Data Centre Infrastructure


Crossmatrix has undergone extensive DCIM training by some of the leading vendors. We help our customers address some of the complex challenges that exist within their data centre, and develop a return on investment business case for investing and implementing a DCIM solution.Data centre monitoring, capacity planning, thermal and energy management can all be addressed using our vendor partner’s market-leading tools, and Crossmatrix’s expertise in applying them.

Environmental Monitoring

Some of our customer’s SER / TER / MER rooms have evolved over time, and now host more critical equipment than the environment was originally designed for. We have seen an uptake in the need to proactively monitor these environments to ensure that optimal conditions are maintained for the equipment to function correctly. We offer innovative radio-frequency identification (RFID) based monitoring solutions that can be accessed locally and remotely and can also be integrated with other systems management tools.

Fire and Smoke Detection

Within comms rooms and cold/hot aisle contained environments, there is an obvious need to install fire and smoke detection equipment. Crossmatrix partners with a leading independent fire systems expert to design and install rack or room level detection systems that are integrated with the overall building fire alarm system. We have developed an innovative solution that automatically opens the doors of a cold aisle in the event of a fire alarm trigger – even under power outage conditions.

Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

Data center thermal containment solutions are often considered as solutions to improve equipment operating conditions, whilst reducing energy consumption at the same time. Crossmatrix has expertise in the design, fabrication, and installation of standard and bespoke hot and cold aisle solutions that can be built in existing data centres to remove hot spots or in new build sites as part of an overall thermal efficiency strategy.

Infrastructure Management Solution (KVM)

Accredited by leading vendor partners, Crossmatrix offers infrastructure management from the desktop, at the rack, or across the entire data centre using best-of-breed KVM over IP and serial console management tools. Our solutions provide a standalone infrastructure management capability or can be integrated as an integral part of a wider DCIM strategy.

Inventory Management

Our tools help you automate the traditionally expensive and time-consuming manual processes of inventory or asset management. Crossmatrix offers tools that deliver real-time consolidated information on both the status and location of your IT assets, providing an accurate input to effective capacity management. Non-disruptive implementation means these tools are both easy to install and quick to achieve a return on investment.

Power Distribution Unit (PDU) Strips

There are many PDU strip manufacturers on the market, ranging from inexpensive commodity items to auto-sensing and monitored solutions that can form a part of a wider DCIM solution. Crossmatrix partners with several leading manufacturers to offer both sophisticated and cost-effective, simple solutions. We can also offer custom configurations that are color-coded for A + B feeds, featuring a customer-specific mix of power outlet types. We are always pleased to work with our customers to identify the best feature and price solution to meet their requirements.

Precision Cooling

For data centres requiring supplementary localized cooling or comms rooms that host several racks of high-density IT equipment, in-row cooling used in conjunction with cold aisle containment can provide an effective solution. Crossmatrix has significant experience in delivering precision in row cooling projects on a turnkey basis. We have completed several jobs where we designed, installed, and maintained precision cooling, monitoring and evaluation services, cold aisle containment, monitoring, racks, PDU strips, UPS, fire/smoke detection, and structured cabling.

Racking and Cabinets

Crossmatrix partners with several leading racks and cabinet manufacturers, and offers best of breed enterprise solutions and cost-effective options for non-enterprise applications. We can build and equip racks and cabinets to individual customer specifications in our secure facility before shipping to the customer site pre-fitted with IT equipment, data, and power cabling. Some of our vendor partners offer cabinets and racks that are specifically designed for high-density compute and network environments – where equipment exhaust venting and cable routing are optimized.

UPS, Power and Electrical

We provide row and rack-level modular power distribution systems from leading manufacturers. Once at the rack, we can equip with UPS and PDU strips to provide a power chain solution back to the main or zone PDU. This capability allows us to rapidly build out data centres with entire standardized blocks of infrastructure consisting of power, structured cabling, and racks.

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