Smart Security Control

Our team analyze your networking needs, perform on-site surveys, design the solution, construct any required civil structures, install the wireless equipment, and provide on-going maintenance.

Wireless services include:

    1. WLAN: wireless local area network
    2. WWAN: wireless wide area network
    3. Reliable, fast, and secure connectivity
    4. 802.11b/g/n
    5. Free Space Optics
    6. High speed, 80GHz running at 1 Gbps
    7. WPA2 and AES Encryption

A high-performance wireless network is an essential foundation for any business wanting to incorporate advanced technologies to enable enhancements in performance, scalability, and quality of media-rich applications such as voice and video. Crossmatrix delivers industry-leading wireless infrastructures that are flexible and scalable and seamlessly integrate with any organization’s wired network topology.

Crossmatrix wireless infrastructures are simple to manage and are end-to-end solutions, meaning that your business is equipped with a wireless solution that will improve your organization’s network performance and exceed the requirements of any growing operation. Crossmatrix provides custom solutions for mixed-client environments from hospitality suites and high-rises to campus backbones and mixed.

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